About us


We, Servus Steyregg, are a volunteer initiative in the small city of Steyregg in Upper Austria. Servus Steyregg is made up of many enthusiastic people seeking to foster a harmonious and diverse community in our city.

In 2015, three large-scale homes for adult and adolescent refugees were opened within nine months in Steyregg. The third and largest of the three centres was opened after the state of Austria had passed a new law that allowed it to sidestep public consent when opening new accommodations for refugees (Durchgriffsrecht). This decision originally caused some dismay in Steyregg.

Parallel to these developments, several very active individuals in Steyregg started the language café, donation drives, and other private efforts to support our new neighbors with starting their new life in Austria. These volunteer efforts created the foundation upon which the private initiative Servus Steyregg was founded.

Since then, our initiative has continued to grow; currently, we consist of more than 80 volunteers and up to 240 refugees. We host festivals and organize German courses as well as other leisure time activities to create a colourful and diverse sense of community in Steyregg.

We shout out a big thank you to all volunteers, supporters, enthusiasts, and visitors at our events!