Our Little Farm

This little farm offers a home to animals that were given to the local veterinarian for animal protection and welfare reasons. The different animals that live at the farm are looked after by asylum seekers and other animal-friends in Steyregg. The animals forge an intercultural bridge that intensifies the connections between the people of Steyregg and their new neighbors.

In October 2015, the farm was built within one month and formally opened with a big celebration for all those living in Steyregg. Since then, the farm hosts sheep, goats, chickens, and turkeys. Our Little Farm regularly expands and recently a vegetable garden was added.

The refugees that volunteer at the farm visit several times a day to look after the animals and plants; they are supported by the local veterinarian and other volunteers from the area. Participating asylum seekers share the outputs of the farm (fresh eggs, vegetables), and have the opportunity to foster a connection with animals and visitors.

Our Little Farm regularly hosts events for the general public to create additional spaces for people to meet and exchange.

For regular updates, please follow the facebook page of Our Little Farm.

Die Betreuer der kleinen Farm

Eröffnungsfest 26.10.2015

Adventnachmittag 08.12.2016