Language & Education


The adolescent refugees living in the former hotel Weissenwolff receive German courses offered by the Volkshilfe during the school year. Refugees above the age of 18 also have the option of attending free German classes due to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers.

Beyond the German classes, there is a weekly language café where language learners and native speakers meet up to study, practice, and chat. The language café thus offers some additional support to those eager to learn German. The organizers of the language café provide free study materials, language games, and other study aides.

But the language café is more than a space for studying. It is a space for encounters, a space for interesting conversations, and a space where new cross-cultural friendships can start. As a space of encounters, the language café helps overcome stereotypes, creates friendships, and speeds up the process of learning German. Several of our regular attendees have successfully completed the German language certificates that are officially recognized in Austria.

Whether you are a native speaker or just starting to learn the language, come join us! The language café takes place every Wednesday at 6 pm in the Pfarrheim Steyregg.



Beyond the German language programs, there are other education projects that are offered by private individuals, schools, and clubs in Steyregg.

So far, there has been a workshop about the history, geography, and customs in Austria, organized by a number of dedicated students and teachers at the Neue Mittelschule Steyregg. There are also regular bicycle trainings offered by the Radlobby Steyregg. And lastly, there is a privately organized swimming class for refugees.

We also regularly share information on the recycling system, the code of conduct in public swimming pools, and other important topics.

Get in touch with us if you would like to spearhead another education initiative!